League of Legends: Free Moba

Hey folks :)

In this post we will teach you how you can install and run League of Legends in your OpenMandriva Linux. You have no idea how it will be easy.

Lets start!

  1. League of Legends (LoL) is the most popular Moba game inspired by Warcraft Dota Mod. League of Legends is developed for Windows and MacOS and now we will provide this game to you with the same performance that Windows have. We will use the PlayOnLinux and Wine platforms to provide to you the easier installation method. If you do not have PlayOnLinux installed, please click here. To start install League of Legends the first step is open PlayOnLinux. Open a new terminal and execute below command:

    It will open PlayOnLinux Platorm. You will be asked if you want help PlayOnLinyx send some informations to them. Select Yes if you want.




  2. Now you have to click in “Install a program” in “Actions” menu on the left side.Note: If your connection is slow probably you have to wait some time before click in “Install a program”. How much time? You will see a progress bar in “Actions”. Wait it disappear.


  3. In search bar write “League” and press enter. The game League of Legends will appear. Select the game and click in “Install” button.Warning: You will be advised to not change location of install and to not select “run the program” when asked. Pay attention on this.


    Next window will advise you to not send any bug or problems to WineHD Forum. All these stuffs must be sent to PlayOnLinux team.



    After that click in OK in last advise.



  4. So now we will prepare the environment to install League of Legends.Click in “Next” button.


  5. Click in “Download the program” option and “Next” button.Note: Only if you know what are you doing, you can select “Use setup file in my computer” to select a specific .exe of League of Legends installer. This is good because PlayOnLinux does not has all languages (like brazilian portuguese). The other steps will be the same.


  6. Select the nearest location option from you. If you do not know the best option, select “North America” option and click in “Next” button.


  7. Now PlayOnLinux will download League of Legends setup file and specific Wine to run with best stability and performance.Note: The second part probably will be slow. If some error occur, PlayOnLinux will ask to retry. Click in “Retry”. If, for some reason, you click “Retry” button for a lot of times and it not work, we recommend to select “cancel” or “abort” option and restart the process from step 3.


  8. I next window PlayOnLinux will install Microsoft fonts for you. Click in “Next” button.

    Select “Agree” checkbox and click in “Next” button.


  9. And in the last windows after install League of Legends you will be advised again to not mark “Run League of Legends” when you finish the game installation.


  10. Finally we will install League of Legends (wwwooowwww!!!) Lets rock!
    Click in “Next” button in first League of Legends setup window.


  11. Accept the terms of the license and click in “Next” button.


  12. Do not change anything. Maintain checkbox mark in “Complete” option and click in “Next” button.


  13. We are almost there! Click in “Install” button.


    And wait the installation 😉

  14. Do not click in “Finish” button until you have absolute assurance that “Launch League of Legends” checkbox is not marked. Pay attention on that.


  15. You will receive one last advise about connection errors when you try to login and it fail. You can click in “No” you do not want read this information for now.


  16. You will return to PlayOnLinux dashboard. Select “League of Legends” game and… and……… and……….. ahhhh…… Come on 5×5 now!
    Wait! You have to press run in “Actions” menu on left side 😉


Trick: If you have some problem to run, instead of clicking in “Run”, click in “Debug”. It will execute the game as a “Run” option, but you will see the log file with errors.

Have fun!