Minecraft client: Infinite-world block

Hey folks :)

In this post we will teach you how you can install and play Minecraft Client in your OpenMandriva distro. So all examples will use OpenMandriva Linux.

This tutorial is also compatible with Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and ArchLinux. When necessary we will provide the appropriate command for each distro.

Lets start!

  1. Minecraft client require a Java solution to run. You can use Oracle Java (closed java code) or OpenJDK Java (open source solution). We will choose OpenJDK because it is a reference for Java standard, it is free and open. To install OpenJDK the first step will be switch your user to root mode. Open a terminal and execute:
    OpenMandriva, ArchLinux and Debian:

    Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and OpenSUSE:

    OpenMandriva image example:

  2. Now we will install OpenJDK. Use the appropriate command for each distro.

    Note: Probably you will not have questions to answer (because of –auto parameter), but if you have, please see images below (without –auto parameter).

    Ubuntu, Mint and Debian:

    Fedora and OpenSUSE:


    OpenMandriva image example (without –auto option):

    Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-27_13:16:00 Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-27_13:16:21
    You can close your terminal after step 2.

  3. Now you need to download Minecraft Linux Version. Go to Mojang’s website or your prefered server and get Minecraft Linux client. The name of the file supposed to be “Minecraft.jar”. After downloaded the game, open a terminal with your user and go to directory that you saved the file and execute (same command in all distros):


  4. And the last step is… Play! Have fun!
    Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-27_15:09:35 Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-27_15:10:35

In Brazil we recommend MinecraftMania server, the biggest server there.
You can find another servers in this directory list.