No more room in Hell: Zombie survival

hello! =)

In this post we will teach you how you can install and play No more room in Hell in your OpenMandriva distro. All of our examples will use OpenMandriva Linux.

This tutorial is also compatible with Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and ArchLinux.

Lets start!

  1. No More Room in Hell is the ultimate ruthless and unforgiving co-operative zombie survival experience on the Source Engine, delivering award winning survival horror gameplay with dozens of weapons and multiple game modes.
    The requirement to follow this tutorial is to have installed Steam platform. If you do not have, please click here to install.
    The first step is open the Steam platform. OpenMandriva image example:

    Steam Games Platform in OpenMandriva Lx


  2. Now click in “Store” menu and search for “no more room in hell” term.
    OpenMandriva image example:


  3. Select the “No more room in hell” option and click in Play game. It’s free!



  4. After first information window about installation, click in “Next” button.



  5. Now you will be warned to wait download finish. Press “Finish” button.



  6. Now the hardest step: Play and survive if you can! Have fun!