OpenMandriva: Create shortcuts

In this post we will learn how to create Desktop shortcuts in OpenMandriva. Some applications do not create them automatically.

  1. In Desktop, click with right mouse button and select “Create new” and “Link to Application…”.


  2. Change “Link to Application” text to your shortcut’s name.
    Tip: We will use TeamSpeak as a example. If you want to change the default icon, click in “File type options” button and then click in icon button and search your icon file.


  3. Now click in “Application” tab and in “Command” textfield put correct command to start your application. In this example we will use TeamSpeak client to show to you how it is simple. To open TeamSpeak we need to run, so we will put complete path to run this script.


  4. Now click in “OK” to see desktop shortcut file.


Tip: You can always edit this shortcut. With right mouse button click in shortcut and select “Properties” options to return to shortcut configuration.