PlayOnLinux: Windows games on Linux

Hey folks :)

In this post we will teach you how you can install and run PlayOnLinux in your OpenMandriva Linux. You have no idea how it will be easy. Lets start!

  1. PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for the Wine software compatibility layer which allows Linux users to install Windows-based softwares. To start install PlayOnLinux the first step will be switch your user to root mode. Open a terminal and execute:


  2. Now we will install Wine and PlayOnLinux platforms. Will be easy! Execute the following command:

    Note: Probably you will not have questions to answer (because of –auto parameter), but if you have, please see images below (without –auto parameter). You only have to write Yes to confirm installation. If you be asked about select some library version or type, press enter do select the default option or select one of the options if you know what are you doing.

    Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-28_14:39:34 Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-28_14:39:51 Screenshot_openmandriva_2015-04-28_14:40:00

    After finish, close this terminal.

  3. Open a new terminal and execute below command:

    It will open PlayOnLinux Platorm. You will be asked if you want help PlayOnLinyx send some informations to them. Select Yes if you want.


  4. Now if you want install some Windows software you have to click in “Install a program” in “Actions” menu on the left side.
    Note: If your connection is slow probably you have to wait some time before click in “Install a program”. How much time? You will see a progress bar in “Actions”. Wait it disappear.


Trick: If you have some problem to run, instead of clicking in “Run”, click in “Debug”. It will execute the game as a “Run” option, but you will see the log file with errors.

You can sell all supported Windows softwares clicking here.

Have fun!