TeamSpeak client: VoIP

Hey guys ­čśë

In this post we will help you how to install and run TeamSpeak client. It will be very easy!

Let’s do it!

  1. Go to TeamSpeak’s download page (click here) and download Linux client. Choose the correct architecture (32 bits to x86 systems and 64 for x86_64 systems) and save the file in your disk.
  2. Open the terminal and go to directory that you have downloaded TS Linux client. Probably you will save in /home/youruser/Downloads/, but if you saved in other path, change our example to your path.


  3. Provide execute permission to TS Linux client using the following command:



  4. Execute the file using the following command:


  5. Now we will start install your TS Linux client. You will be warned to read license agreement. Press “Enter” to read and “q” to quit. Then press “Yes” to accept the license. The installer will extract TeamSpeak Client files.


  6. Now we have to start your client. Execute the following command to start TS Linux client:

    Accept the license terms and do the wizard to configure your nick, microphone and speakers.
  7. To finish, let’s use TeamSpeak! ­čśë


Tip: If you want to create a desktop shortcut for TeamSpeak, click here to learn how to create short for any Linux application.