Urban Terror: Shooter

Hey people! 😉

Today we will teach you how to download, install and run Urban Terror in your OpenMandriva Lx.

This tutorial is also compatible with Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE and ArchLinux.

Let’s do it!

  1. Urban Terrorâ„¢ is a free multiplayer first person shooter developed by FrozenSand.
    Click here to download official Linux client for Urban Terror.
  2. Select the Game Installer/Updater version for Linux. and save the file in your computer.
  3. Open the terminal and go to directory that you saved Urban terror installer file. We will suppose that you saved in /home/youruser/Downloads.



  4. Extract the file that you downloaded using following command:



  5. Enter in Urban Terror directory.



  6. Select appropriate architecture for you (x86 to 32bits systems and x86_64 to 64bits systems) and execute. In this example we will use x86_64 version.



  7. Then accept the license to start download the game.


  8. Click in “Download” button and then wait download finish.


  9. Now installer will download Quake 3 engine. Click in “Download” button and then wait download finish.


  10. Now click in Play to start the game.


  11. And have fun! 😉



  1. If you want to create a desktop shortcut for Urban Terror, click here to learn how to create short for any Linux application.
  2. To create desktop shortcut or open the game manually, you have to execute “Quake3-UrT.x86_64″ inside of Urban Terror directory (“Quake3-UrT.x86″ to 32 bits systems).